Shocking pink and black


Shocking pink and black is probably one of my favorite color combinations out there. It’s a color combo that I LOVE wearing when I go out.

So, I’m going to The Ting Tings’ concert on Friday. I wanted something new, short, and fun to wear to the concert. Hence, I was inspired to make a shocking pink and black dress. And, here it is!

I think this was a Michael Miller fabric… I forgot… Anyways, I based the dress on New Look 6048. I got the sweetheart bodice from the pattern and added ruffle details to the middle of the bodice and added some buttons on it as well to give it my own little touch ❤

I can’t wait to go dance my butt off on Friday! I definitely have a pretty stressful week ahead of me…. BUT, I will make sure I make the best of it!

I decided to start living by the motto “Stay calm, stay sweet, then everything is going to be okay!” because, you know, I ultimately control 90% of the happiness in my life 😉

Till next time!



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