Color Contrast Lace Dress


I love lace! I’ve been wanting to make a dress from an aqua blue lace I found a couple of weeks ago. This is how the final product came out:

I’m really picky when it comes to the way my clothes feel on me. I considered using standard clothing lining to line the dress, but I figured, it’d be so much better if it was lined with stretch cotton! so I did, and I can’t be happier 🙂 On top of it, lining the dress with stretch cotton is so much easier to do than actually making a whole other dress from the lining and attaching it to the dress.

I made the bodice and skirt based on Simplicity 1913. After I was done fitting the dress on me and installing the zipper, I traced the general dress shape onto a stretch cotton fabric. After I sewed the stretch cotton dress at the sides of the body and the shoulder, I attached the lining dress at the neckline of the lace dress and the armhole. The lining dress is not exactly installed in there with the zipper, but it’s not a big deal since I can still pull the dress over me then zip myself up afterwards.

Oh, and good news! Today, I finally get my dress form that I’ve been wanting for a long time! Anyways, time to get my day started.

Till next time..



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